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About Us

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Design and produce quality wholesale buttons and related products with a triple bottom line that includes people, planet and profits.


At Button Pin Fun, our products have a low carbon footprint, are low cost, and are an easy impulse buy or gift with a strong appeal for all ages.

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At Button Pin Fun, we grow our business practices and our prosperity by maintaining a strong foundation based on conscientious principles and a strong triple bottom line commitment.

Our People Principles:

We are members of Just Economics with a commitment to paying living wages to all members of our team and providing quality working conditions

Our USA Made Principles for a Just Economy:

All of our products are made in the USA from USA sourced steel containing recycled content 

Our Environmental Principles:

We are members of 1% For the Planet

Commit 1% of our gross profits annually to environmental nonprofits

USA raw materials with recycled content lowers the carbon footprint and supports US jobs

Shipping and packing materials are 95% recycled/recyclable materials

Social Wellbeing Principles:

Giving back is a strong part of our company culture

We have a strong charitable giving program in place that contributes to nonprofits from local to global that are working to advance the wellbeing of health and wellness of our planet and its inhabitants

Asheville 8x10 - 4-01.jpg
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